Thank You, Michael

When the time had finally come to start the process of restoring my civil rights I really had no idea where to start. I thought it would be a long drawn… Read more “Thank You, Michael”

Amanda M.

Got er done

Michael is very easy to talk to and on top of it. We filed but I had an old probation fee, I paid it, we were re-filed before the courts even notified me of the old fee. Thank you Michael

W. Sweet

Unbelievable Service!

I had spent thousands of dollars over the past few years trying to get my civil rights restored through law firms.  Within 60 days of Michael filing my motion,  I received an Order to Set Aside Judgment of Guilt, Restore Civil Rights and Restore the Right to Possess a Gun… Read more “Unbelievable Service!”

Mark S

My Rights Have Been Restored

The staff at RMCR treated me with respect and dignity. They handled my case and in quick order, my conviction was set aside and my rights have been restored.  It is a… Read more “My Rights Have Been Restored”

John D

Amazing Service!!

I was very impressed with Michael’s expertise, professionalism and commitment to my case. I had felony convictions that RMCR was able to have the courts set aside and restore my civil rights, including my gun rights, which were very important to me. I recommend RMCR to everyone I meet that… Read more “Amazing Service!!”

Joshua Walls

Forever Grateful

My experience with Michael is humbling because he gave my husband the opportunity to finally be complete in gaining his rights back and having his dream become a reality. I have watched… Read more “Forever Grateful”

Danyel Shriver

I feel American again!!

Michael did everything he said he would do. I had an assault charge from several years ago. Yes, it was with a gun. I gave him some character letters and a little backstory and he took it from there. He put together a packet well typed out with lots of… Read more “I feel American again!!”

James A.

Best decision I’ve made thus far

My experience with RMCR was priceless.  Priceless because Michael gave me back my freedom and pride. Michael fought for me as hard as I have for myself. Michael believed in my ultimate… Read more “Best decision I’ve made thus far”

Steve Shriver

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