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Having a felony conviction in the State of Arizona can impact many parts of your life. If you are currently facing challenges with housing, employment or purchasing a firearm due to a prior felony or misdemeanor conviction, having your convictions set aside and your civil rights restored can help you get a fresh start!

When it comes to getting your Arizona convictions set aside and civil rights restored, RMCR can direct to services to accomplish both!

Through our own “lived experience” with the legal system, we KNOW what it takes to put your criminal history in your past… once and for all.  Through the filing of Motions to Set Aside Judgments of Guilt, Restore Civil Rights and Restore the Right to Possess a Gun or Firearm with an Arizona State Bar Criminal Attorney, you can finally close the dark chapter or chapters of your life that have held you back until now.  Join the thousands of Arizonans, like you, who have had their felony, misdemeanor and DUI convictions set aside by the very court in which they were convicted.

Our founder has worked for numerous criminal law firms, had his own felonies set aside and is now living a life he never dreamed possible. RMCR is personally vested in YOUR success because we have “been there” and will aggressively assist you obtaining quality legal representation to  have your criminal history set aside too!

Motion to Set Aside Conviction

Arizona law uses the legal term “set aside” for expunging a conviction. Setting aside a conviction in Arizona involves petitioning the court where the conviction occurred and asking the judge to reopen the case, remove the finding of guilt and then change the case from a conviction to a dismissed case.

Whether your case resulted in a misdemeanor or a felony conviction, if you have completed probation or your sentence, you may be eligible to set aside your conviction pursuant to ARS § 13-907. Convictions that are not eligible include cases involving a dangerous offense, some sex offenses, offenses with a victim under 15 and certain traffic offenses. If your conviction is set aside, you are released from the “disabilities and penalties that you faced as a result of the conviction” pursuant to ARS § 13-907. After retaining legal services through RMCR, your motions will be prepared under the supervision and final approval of an Arizona State Bar Criminal Attorney before filing your request with the court. An order is typically issued within 180 days in Maricopa County.  Most other Arizona counties take much less time.

Early Probation Termination

If you are currently serving your probationary sentence, you may be eligible to terminate your probation early. After the probation is terminated, you may qualify to have that conviction set aside. This is the quickest way to “clear your record” if you are still currently on probation. Click here for more information on terminating probation.

Restoration of Gun Rights

Arizona law allows you to restore your firearm rights which you lost as a result of a felony conviction, two years after the sentence is completed in most cases. If you were convicted of a “serious offense” under ARS § 13-604, there is a 10-year waiting period; and if your conviction was for a “dangerous offense,” you cannot restore your gun rights.

Civil Rights Restoration

If you have been convicted of two or more felonies in Arizona, you will need to petition the court in order to get your civil rights restored. If granted, you would regain your right to hold office, vote, and serve on a jury in Arizona. If you were sentenced to probation for your convictions, there is no waiting period following your discharge from probation, although many judges prefer that you wait 2 years. If you were sentenced to prison, there is a two-year waiting period following your absolute discharge.

How To Get Started

If you are ready to move forward with regaining your rights as an American citizen or if you have any questions about any of these services, contact us today for a free, confidential review of your criminal history. We are ready to direct you in how to obtain this new chapter of your life and would be happy to tell you how we have had the very same thing in our lives!

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